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  • 01. How accurate are paternity tests?

    Modern DNA-based paternity tests are highly accurate and can provide conclusive results with a probability of paternity greater than 99.9%. However, it's important to note that the accuracy of the test results depends on the quality and quantity of DNA samples collected.

  • 02. Can a paternity test be done before the child is born?


    Yes, a prenatal paternity test can be done before the child is born, typically through amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS). However, this procedure carries a small risk of miscarriage and should be done only after consulting with a medical professional.

  • 03. Can a paternity test be done without the alleged father's knowledge?

    No, a paternity test requires the DNA samples of the alleged father to compare with the child's DNA. Thus, the alleged father's consent is required before conducting the test.

  • 04. Can a paternity test be done if the alleged father is deceased?

    Yes, it is possible to conduct a paternity test if the alleged father is deceased. The test can be performed using samples of the alleged father's DNA from biological material, such as hair, toothbrush, or clothing.

  • 05. How long does it take to get paternity test results?


    The time it takes to get paternity test results can vary depending on the laboratory conducting the test. In general, most laboratories can provide results within a few days to a few weeks.

  • 06. Is a court order required for a paternity test?

    A court order is not always required for a paternity test, but it may be necessary if the test results are to be used in legal proceedings, such as child support or custody cases.

  • 07. Can a paternity test be used to determine ancestry or ethnicity?

    While a paternity test is designed to determine biological relationships, it can also provide information about a person's ancestry or ethnicity. However, there are other DNA tests, such as autosomal DNA tests, that are better suited for determining ancestry or ethnicity.

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Cost Of Paternity
  • Home paternity test starting at $199 additional $100 to come into the office
  • Informational in person $299 plus tax
  • In person legal $399 plus tax
  • Legal “courts” paternity starting at $399 additional participant is $125
  • Grandparent home testing $299 plus tax
  • In person legal sibling $399
  • Prenatal testing $1699 plus tax
  • Legal $349 additional participant is $69
  • Legal non-invasive prenatal paternity results in 3-7 days $1599 option to pay 50% deposit to book appointment
  • Informational non invasive prenatal paternity. Results in 21 days $1399 or $300 deposit with payment options
  • Us Citizenship dna test can range from $400-$1000

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